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Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group (DEIX WG)

Within INCOSE, this DEIX WG supports the strategic objective to accelerate the Transformation of Systems Engineering to a model based discipline. The DEIX WG aspires to ensure Digital Artifact are transferable within industries with complex systems. For example, the aerospace & defense, oil & gas, transportation, automotive, healthcare, and utility industries. The successful fulfillment of this mission allows for the free flow of digital artifacts between buyers and suppliers throughout a global supply chain; as well as, enable the collaboration between disciplines within those industries. Despite advances in the digital era, there are significant inefficiencies in cost, schedule, and performance when suppliers and acquirers exchange information following a traditional document-based approach. A solution is to leverage advances in digital technology to provide enriched, interactive system representations that deliver data, information, and knowledge to stakeholders.


The purpose of this website it provide an expanding community of interest with the evolving thought leadership on digital artifacts and their exchanges. We strongly encourage feedback & questions, innovative ideas, and knowledge brokering within the community. Please feel free to email the coordinators of the working group and we will address your input via email. In addition, if it generates a significant shift in our thinking or is valuable to the broader community, we will repost it to this site. Finally, if you have interesting information you would like to share with the community, please send us an email.


The scope of DEIX includes “The what?” or the characterization of the content and relationships, involved in the exchange of digital artifacts. Its scope includes the following activities:

  • The WG activities and products span the systems engineering lifecycle as it relates to Digital Engineering information inputs and outputs of ISO 15288 and 15289 digital artifacts.
  • The WG will also addresses the exchange of digital artifacts between various technical disciplines involved in the systems engineering lifecycle.
  • The WG covers the presentation of digital engineering information to classes of technical and non-technical stakeholders across the complex global supply chain.

Ongoing Work & Activities

Working Group Organizers

For more information contact the following:

If you are interested in volunteering to help on the DEIX working group, please go to the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE) working group and communities of practice website ( Then sign up for the Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group (DEIX WG).

Meetings and Events

  1. DEIXWG Meeting at NDIA 21st Annual Systems Engineering Conference | October 22 - 25, 2018 |Tampa Bay, FL USA
  2. DEIXWG Meeting at INCOSE International Workshop (IW) 2019 | Jan 26 - 29, 2019 | Torrance, CA USA


TimeAgenda Item/Presentation LinkPresenter
1330-1415 DEIX WG IntroductionFrank Salvatore, John Coleman, Chris Schreiber
1415-1500 Model CurationDonna Rhodes
1530-1545 MBE ManifestoEd Carrol
1545 - 1630 Taxonomies and Ontologies for Development of LexiconSteven Jenkins
1630-1700 RT-182: Enterprise Systems-of-Systems Model for Digital Thread Enabled AcquisitionTom McDermott

NDIA M&S Workshop - August 2018

Presentation LinkPresenter
SE Transformation - NAVAIR Dave Cohen - NAVAIR
Thoughts on Model Interoperability Sean McGervey - JHU-APL
Digital Artifacts and the Need for Portability Phil Zimmerman - ODASD(SE)
Presentation LinkPresenter
Team 1 Outbrief Breakout Team #1 - Digital Artifact Concept Model
Team 2 Outbrief Breakout Team #2 - Acquirer Point of View
Team 3 Outbrief Breakout Team #3 - Provider Point of View

Emerging Thoughts

This section includes the latest thinking and conclusions from the various DEIX working sessions. The intent is provide a sandbox for the entire Digital Engineering and Model-Based Engineering community to provide comments, suggestions, and questions to the latest thinking on digital engineering information exchange. As you review the latest thinking, please email the assigned facilitator for each Thought Area and provide your comments. The Thought Areas are listed below:

Digital Engineering Information Exchange Model

The goal is to develop a model of the constructs and conventions for a Digital Engineering Information Exchange Model (DEIXM) that defines how to select, compile, and analyze digital artifacts to produce intuitive graphical and non-graphical engineering models and content that meet stakeholders’ needs. Please direct comments and questions to Chris Schreiber at

Digital Artifacts List

A set of digital artifacts that takes advantage of digital technology and modeling concepts to satisfy stakeholders’ information needs as it relates to systems engineering lifecycle standards such as ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, 15289, 15504-6, 12207, 26531 and 24748. This involves identifying the digital artifacts, designing a digital viewpoint that generate interactive digital views to meet stakeholders’ needs. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Frank Salvatore

Encyclopedia of Digital Engineering Information Exchange Concepts

The goal is to explain the latest DEIX related concepts, achieve community acceptance, and evolve the concepts based on the adoption and usage of the concepts by the engineering community in global supply chain for the development of complex systems. Please provide your comments to John Coleman at

List of DEIX Concepts for Development

The list below is the current list of concepts related to DEIX. The concepts in the list with hyperlinks have current encyclopedia entries that are open for review and comment from the community. Just click on the link.

Otherwise, please feel free to volunteer an encyclopedia entry for those terms that do not have hyper links, or offer an entry on a new or emerging concept related to DEIX. If you would like to submitt an entry, please email it to John Coleman at the email address above.

If you want to comment on an entry, please see the email address for the author(s) of the entry and direct your responses to them.

  • Authoritative Source of Truth
  • Curating Digital Artifacts
  • Digital Engineering
  • Digital Engineering Ecosystem
  • Digital Engineering Transformation
  • Digital Systems Model
  • Digital Thread
  • Digital Twin
  • End-to-End Digital Engineering Enterprise
  • Providence of Digital Artifacts

Initial Encyclopedia Concepts

Concise Definitions

Digital Artifact: A digital artifact is any combination of professional data, information, knowledge, and wisdom (DIKW) expressed in digital form and exchanged within a digital ecosystem. (Click for more information)

Digital View: A visual presentation on an electronic display device for one or more processed digital artifacts; the digital artifact content addresses stakeholders’ unique activities at any phase or step in the system life cycle. (Click for more information)

Digital Viewpoint: A design of a digital view that uses conventions, formalisms and standards to define the systematic procedures to select, compile, layout, and present digital artifacts in a digital ecosystem such that is meets stakeholders’ unique needs. (Click for more information)

Working Files |Draft Concept Model}} | Chris Schreiber |

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