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MBX Ecosystems Challenge Team


This challenge team collaborates on pre-competitive capabilities that help organizations better define and manage their MBX ecosystems. We officially kicked off at IW19 (Jan 2019) based on prior workshops at IW15, IW17, and IW18 organized by the INCOSE MBSE Modeling & Simulation Interoperability (MSI) Challenge Team.

In simple terms, your MBX ecosystems consist of the models, tools, processes, and people/roles that come together to develop the systems/products that your organization cares about.

But an ecosystem can be broader than that, depending on the scope you are concerned about. For example some organizations utilize their ecosystems to also support the operation of their systems/products. And some organizations include cross-project libraries and methods in their ecosystems, as well as interconnections with their supply chain ecosystems.

If these type of ecosystems are of interest to you, come and join us to help move things forward!

MBX = model-based X, where X includes engineering (MBE), systems engineering (MBSE), manufacturing (MBM), test (MBT), operations (MBO), …, enterprise (MBE), sales/application engineering (MBSAE), …, living (MBL), and so on.


This is a new Challenge Team within the INCOSE MBSE Initiative, and our wiki is just getting started. We held a successful MBX Ecosystems track Monday-Tuesday Jan 28-29, 2019 at IW19, and are currently focusing on an MBX Ecosystems track for Monday-Tuesday Jan 27-28, 2020 at IW20.


IW = INCOSE International Workshop
IS = INCOSE International Symposium

Team Leads

Challenge Team Lead / POC: Russell Peak (Georgia Tech)
Co-Leads: Bjorn Cole (Lockheed Martin), Chris Delp (JPL), Brittany Friedland (Boeing)

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