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 **INCOSE IS 2014 MBSE Track:** **INCOSE IS 2014 MBSE Track:**
-The MBSE Track will be held as part of the [[http://​​symp2014/​|INCOSE International Symposium (IS) 2014]] in Los Vegas NV the week of **June 30 - July 3, 2014**. ​+The MBSE Track was held as part of the [[http://​​symp2014/​|INCOSE International Symposium (IS) 2014]] in Las VegasNV the week of **June 30 - July 3, 2014**. ​
-The MBSE Track includes ​papers, panels and tutorials that are distributed throughout the week. The MBSE Track Summary and Detailed Agenda included below are intended to help you navigate the many opportunities to learn more about current activities related to MBSE. Please attend the MBSE Track Plenary on Monday morning from ???? to ????. Additional information on the INCOSE MBSE Initiative can be found on the [[http://​​MBSE/​doku.php/​|MBSE Wiki]].+The MBSE Track included ​papers, panels and tutorials that were distributed throughout the symposium.
-**MBSE Track Summary** ​+Additional information on the INCOSE ​MBSE Initiative can be found on the [[http://​​MBSE/​doku.php/​|MBSE Wiki]] (where this page is linked from).
-  * ?? MBSE Plenary ​ 
-  * ?? tutorials 
-  * ?? panel 
-  * ?? papers (plus ?? key reserve papers) ​ 
-  * ?? tool presentations 
-|Sunday|08:​00-17:​00|(??​) ​ ?? | 
-**MBSE Track Agenda** 
-====== Sunday (June ??​)====== ​ 
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