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 +The business process and use cases describe the wiki page lock method of managing the SEBoK (Systems Engineering Book of Knowledge). The business process and use cases are created by David Lempia, Nicole Hutchinson, and Stephanie Enck for the MBSE INCOSE and OMG teams.
 +The SEBoK team wants:
 +  - The SEBoK to be captured and shared in a collaborative environment.
 +  - The SEBoK releases to be reviewed and managed with the potential to move to a more open business process model in the future.
 +===== SEBoK Stakeholders =====
 +The stakeholders for the SEBoK are as follows:
 +  - Administrators - Setup, backup, and restore SEBoK information. Authenticate users of the SEBoK
 +  - Authoring Team - Review comments and author new and existing articles
 +  - Review Team - Review and comment on articles
 +  - Publisher - Create a public viewable and editable version of SEBoK
 +  - Public - Find, Read and comment on SEBoK articles
 +===== SEBoK E-Pub Business Process Model =====
 +The Wiki Page Lock business process model describes how the primary stakeholders work with the system from the creation of a new SEBoK to the publishing of a release. The development page space is a development working copy of a page in the SEBoK that is readable in a special location but not writable by the public. The production page space is the published copy of SEBoK article that is readable by the public.
 +===== SEBoK Use Cases =====
 +The primary use cases describe how each stakeholder interacts with the system as part of the business process model.
 +  - **Create new articles**
 +    - The authoring team authenticates themselves and creates new articles.
 +    - **PRE** - Each member of the authoring team is given permission to edit content. A new copy of SEBoK is readable only by the authoring team.
 +    - **POST** - The authoring team is finished with all edits
 +    - **TRIGGER** - Edits for a new release of SEBoK are ready to begin
 +  - **Review and comment on articles**
 +  - **Update the content of articles**
 +  - **Publish all articles as a specific release version**
 +  - **Read SEBoK**
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