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Smart Grid Modeling


The focus of this MBSE Challenge Team is to create a SysML model of the emerging Smart Grid. This domain was chosen for several reasons, some of which include the fact that the Smart Grid is a large complex system, is of current national interest and importance, and offers significant opportunity to advance both internal knowledge of SysML system modeling as well as potentially contributing to the larger Smart Grid community.

High level goals for this team include creation of a system model, using this effort as a test bed for SysML concepts and constructs, evaluating simulation capabilities in concert with the SysML model, and evaluating model interchange between different modeling tools. Additionally the team intends to share lessons learned with the SysML community including tool vendors, standards bodies and various working groups as appropriate.

Measure of Success

The current stakeholders for this effort are primarily the team members, INCOSE and the modeling tool vendors. For INCOSE, that includes the MBSE leadership and working groups such as the TIIWG. Tool vendors include Sparx Systems and No Magic based on the team's usage of the Enterprise Architect and MagicDraw tools, respectively. Additional stakeholders will be identified as the project progresses, including those with expertise in the power systems domain.

Measures of success for challenge team members are primarily learning oriented, e.g, learning SysML, learning how to work on a system model with a geographically disbursed team, learning how to use the SysML modeling tools and learning about the Smart Grid domain. For INCOSE stakeholders, success will be measured by the extent to which the team is successful in helping to advance the practice and application of MBSE towards meeting the goals of the INCOSE MBSE Initiative. Measures of success for tool vendors include understanding where tool limitations may exist based on this particular modeling effort.

Topic Overview / Description

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DateMilestoneStatusPoint of Contact
Date TBDMilestone 1Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 2Not StartedPerson TBD
Date TBDMilestone 3Not StartedPerson TBD

Team Members

NameOrganizationContact Information
Kris Howard Siemens PLM Software
Lonnie VanZandt
Manas Bajaj InterCAX

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