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 ^Date^Milestone^Status^Point of Contact^ ^Date^Milestone^Status^Point of Contact^
-|Date TBD|Milestone 1|Not Started|Person TBD+|May 2011|Model v1.0 available|In Work|Core Team
-|Date TBD|Milestone 2|Not Started|Person TBD+|June 20, 2011|Summary available for INCOSE IS|Not Started|Core Team
-|Date TBD|Milestone 3|Not Started|Person TBD|+|||||
 ===== Team Members =====  ===== Team Members ===== 
 +The current core team consists of the following members. Many others have expressed interest and have assisted to date. Additional team members will be added to this list as the project progresses and more people get directly involved in the modeling effort. ​
 ^Name^Organization^Contact Information^ ^Name^Organization^Contact Information^
-|Kris Howard| Siemens PLM Software|| +|Kris Howard|INCOSE CFR, Siemens PLM Software|| 
-|Lonnie VanZandt| || +|Lonnie VanZandt|INCOSE CFR, Predictable Response Consulting|| 
-|Manas Bajaj| InterCAX||+|Manas Bajaj|[[http://​|InterCAX]]||
 ===== Wiki Articles =====  ===== Wiki Articles ===== 
-Organize and list the article ​deliverables. Stakeholders need to find the deliverable articles through this wiki article organization.+No project ​deliverables ​have been created ​to date but references to those will be posted here as they are developed
 ===== Reference Links =====  ===== Reference Links ===== 
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