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-====== Standards Ecosystem =======+====== Standards Ecosystem ​Focus Group ======= 
 +This is a working area for the Standards Ecosystem Focus Group of the [[mbse:​smswg|NAFEMS-INCOSE SMSWG]]. 
 +Each focus group is encouraged to use this page, as well as the other collaboration areas linked below, in any way it wishes. This page is not intended primarily to be a public-facing page, but a resource to be used internally by the team members. 
 +A few times a year, each focus group typically reports on its activities during the monthly members meetings of the SMSWG. Each focus group is encouraged to maintain links to these more public presentations and discussions at the top of this page. These can be a subset of the complete meeting materials available on the main SMSWG wiki page as well as in the {{https://​​a/​​smswg/​|SMSWG Collaborative Community}} (members access required).
-This is a Focus Group of the [[mbse:​smswg|NAFEMS-INCOSE SMSWG]]. 
 ===== Communications ===== ===== Communications =====
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