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tail in next week's session (10 November). ===== Spreadsheet comments ===== Noted in the Selection Matrix spreadsheet. Please refer to the latest version via the main Shared Semantics page. ==== Epimorphics s... one we would look at. **Comment** (recorded in spreadsheet): Unclear whether this is likely to have take-up
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Working Documents ===== ==== Constructs Mapping Spreadsheet ==== {{:constructs_mapping_v11.xls|Mapping Spreadsheet v11}} This spreadsheet consists of: * **ODM Mapping:** Mappings between constructs used in
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mmended - Optional Action: EK can put these in a spreadsheet. ==== Discussion ==== Labels – always use. A l... alization Actions: MB send EK list including the Spreadsheet headers. Title it as ontology metadata input.
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ving cross reference from class to class. ===== Spreadsheet Notes ===== Notes recorded during the session, in the comments column for the Selection Grid spreadsheet. ==== FOAF ==== We should chain ourselves to thi
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OMG * see {{:contentmodelmetadata2.xlsx|this spreadsheet}} for current details * Archetypes We did not ... tadata Much of what we are looking for is in the spreadsheet that Elisa sent. Development additional metadata
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data in xxxx, we would want to defer to that (the spreadsheet which forms the current workings of xxxx also as
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ound in the {{:constructs_mapping_v11.xls|Mapping Spreadsheet}}. ====== Diagram notes ====== ===== In Global
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erial: Using various SKOS note types (see note in spreadsheet.) Question: isn't SKOS required to have SKOS Con
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