FIBO v2 Specification Automation

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This page is for meeting notes, actions etc. relating to the FIBO version 2 automation.

This supplements a similar wiki page maintained by the EDM Council (requires EDM Council access, available on request).

Meeting Notes

The steering group for this activity meets on alternate Fridays at 3:30pm Eastern Time for 1 hour. Detailed activities happen i betwene these meetings, which are for progress, coordination and process decisions.

16 August 2019 Meeting Notes

10 May 2019 Meeting Notes

26 April 2019 Meeting Notes

12 April 2019 Meeting Notes

29 March 2019 Meeting Notes and Subsequent Email Follow-ups

15 March 2019 Meeting Notes

19 Feb 2019 Kick-off Meeting Notes

Next Meeting: Friday 29 March 2019

Moving Parts

Starting with a meeting at the OMG meeting in Seattle, WA in December 2018, and a kick-off meeting on 19 Feb 2019, the following items come into play in supporting these requirements:

  • Jira (EDM Council and OMG Jira)
  • LaTeX for FTF/RTF Specification redline production
  • CCM for production and maintenance of diagrams suitable for FIBO v2 Specification

The EDM Council 'Publish' process and the published products on interact with these processes in various ways that are to be described and maintained in the corresponding EDM Council wiki pages on the FPT Wiki space.


  • Be able to produce and maintain documents in LaTeX
  • Produce what is needed by F/RTF Reports using LaTeX
  • Align and streamline Jira across OMG and EDMC
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