Conferecce Call Notes 27 September

R3 terminology - Blockchain as Bitcoin DL.

R3 announcement

Do Bond OTC as our 2nd PoC Use case

or focus on IR Swaps first?

Will attract more people by having the simplest example first (Bonds OTC trading)

Can we get FIX involved in this?

R3 owns the release code as open-source, but isn't at a point yet where it feels the code is ready.

IR Swaps - how to link to something operational. Ethereum - rough out some kind of implementation details?

Is that realistic?

SWIFT Paper: loks at entitlements

Recommend we focus on the Bond OTC Transaction.

Focus our efforts on what people are more enthused about = the Bond transaction - so coordinate with FIX on this.

Conclusion: we will do that.

NEXT STEPS Offline modeling Mike, Bobbin, Pete when available

Next week might be good for a 3 way session on this.

This will cover: completing the “hyrid” view on IR SWaps (Activity and Class)

Modeling the Bonds Transaction lifecycle - MB talk to FIX etc. and find a model we can adapt for this.

Later: Mapping that to the FIBO terms.

IR Swap OWL is already in a good place.

Talk to Andrew Muir after SIBOS about FIBO involvement in the stuff in the SWIFT paper.


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