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Article (product):

Blog about this:


Plan or taking the PoC forward

Update the process model into BPMN

Ingest the real FIBO for DER

Plan for how this woul be carried forward to code.

How to generate the code from the busiess model

What would one have to change in either in order to bridge the two

What language(s)? - whatever these platforms use, some have their own language.

Go for 2 platforms

Ethereum - has own language R3 has a java type language

- we can then use tools like MagicDraw to generate Java - need someone to look into the language requirments for these platforms.

Look into implementation and design issues such as “token” usage.

Separately: follow up on the area of regulatory compliance for distributed ledger applications.

- so this is a logical layer as well.

IBM Paulo Seroni - Lars will put us in touch

FSD - reopen the dialog there.

Hyperledger - IBM

Ethereum - Microsoft

NB Big Data, Cloud, Watson and Fintech are separate efforts within IBM. We need to find out where the folks we want to talk to fit in. We really need to link with the FinTech side of things at IBM. Also IBM Research (Eire) - Elaine Handley's group who work on FSDM and BDW.

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