WS2 Working Notes 10 November


We mainly looked at what would be the metadata requirements and implementation to support the Shared Semantics metadata as identified in the WS3 sessions.

Most of this week's work can be found in the Mapping Spreadsheet.

Diagram notes

In Global Standards Semantics/Partial Ontology Snapshots/W3CTime

This diagram contains the three elements that were initially derived from the W3C Time ontology at the start of this work. They have now been moved to this separate package to represent the original intent of this model, whereby these terms were taken as a snapshot of a part of the W3C Time Ontology, and used to derive the remaining terms which were created for the Semantics Repository “time” material.

Note that if we find ourselves using the Named Graphs approach, then these terms should probably be moved back to the main Time section. Meanwhile they are here.

The following notes were written down during this session:

Named Graphs

Diagram note: How to do this with NGs.

The triple portion remains the same when we do the sub-setting.

NG may not be a neat and clean slice of the package hierarchy - points on the graph still refer out to things in the main model.

Whether you pull in the transitive closure? No, allows you to put a ring-fence around the sub-set.

So not a new hierarchy - it's orthogonal to the hierarchy.

Diagram note: how we would use this?

e.g. owlEquivalentClass?

use the NG like a UML Package. We can just use them straight rather than having cross reference from class to class.

Diagram: Provenance Metaterms

Diagram created 03 November, with discussion and changes this week.

These terms were all created 03 November and updated with new range classes ahead of this week's review session, and there are no comments or updates (we did not review these in detail at this 10 November session).

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