Workstream 2 Session Notes 13 October


Elisa demonstrated the DC and SKOS material in ODM on MagicDraw.

Discussed profile questions


The new EA Profile from Sparx:

Decisions to make:

Whether to work with our existing material and migrate to the decisions we made. Whether to import the Sparx version and…

- remove the base classes we are not using?

Recommendations: Use what Sam sent. Then if there is stuff missing or not sufficiently.

Other decision: Then remove the ones we don't want ? OR Use our methodology to only use the ones we choose to use, but not cut down the Profile.

Consensus: That is what we will do.

Before we finalise on this, we need to do an evaluation on what Sam sent.

Possible tests: Take some UML models with the MD profiles and try to import them into EA with Sam's profile.

Action: Families ontology test import - EK, PR to work on this.

Changes to make

Union is an Class Expression not an OWL Class

How to render the instances of DC and SKOS things.

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