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WS2 Working Notes 17 November


Discussed the remaining issues for the technical aspects of the standard. These will be changes to be made to the final version of the RFC.

Detailed Notes

Named Graphs

We will not use this approach in this release.


Question: How did we get over the fact that dependency on relationships can't be shown in EA.

Action: Need to talk to Sam Mancarella at Sparx about a possible workaround.


Have a tag on the stereotype that gives the name of the Annotation Property.

Fact = tagged value in this case.

So we use Dependency for class to Class relationships.

Where we require a dependency on a dependency is to link the Fact to the Annotation Property. Rather than the second dependency to link to the predicate we would need the name of the annotation property.

Classification Facets:

Action: MB and DC to talk about detailed terms to use Present proposals to EK/PR or the wider group on how to metamodel these.


URIs still to be dealt with.

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