WS2 Working Notes 27 Oct

Rendering Annotations

Discussed how we would render the OWL Annotation Properties for the metadata, as ODM constructs in the UML model environment.

Notes in Options Model

How we use Annotation Property

dct:source as an OWL Annotation Prpperty as a UML AssClass. ssubtype of that ditto


Create a 'fact' which looks like a dependency, that point to the AP that ways predicate. The fact points to the literal that is the URI, and predicate dependency between the fact and the annotation property.

Predicate depenency is between the fact and the annotation property.

Property or resource or of OWL Thing (depending on model e.g. SKOS or DC).

We: create an instance of that property.

Clarify - what was the thing we put for SKOS Match earlier?

The thing that has a base class of Dependency.

We are talking about an instance of OWL Annotation Property. This does not look like an AssClass it's a Fact, which points to the predicate that it's an instance of, and points to the literal (string) that is the value of the annotation.

Possible issues: EA does not support the notation that Elisa is talking about because you have to have a dependency on a dependency (relationship pointing to relationship), to do this.

Notes jotted down in OWL Profile


What do they look like?

Do they exist in SBVR? No. SBVR works at the level of concepts and rules. Fact Type: isa horrible misnomer. This is being fixed.

SBR: Distinguished Individuals? Distinguished concepts.

For example a particular LIBOR rate at a given date and time, would use SBVR's Distinguished Concept (is that right?)

Transform - merge with instance data that has a common mapping to the semantics. This complements OWL in terms of reasoning over instances. Would use OWL to reason over instances, using concepts defined in SBVR.

OWL: does more than this, that is not to do with individuals. The upcoming transform from SBVR to OWL will help with this.

How to deal with this:

Have an Instance Specification which is an instance of the Assocation Class that represents the Annotation Property.

Because it is an instance of the Annotation Property…

Could be depictred as a link, a line that would be an instance of the Association Class, and would join the concept in FIBO to the value or the text it's derived from (the literal).

THis was tried in MagicDraw but link are not very consistently implemented across tools.


Use the stereotype rdf:literal

To be investigated next week.


What it looks like:

The link is an instance of the Association that is the DC element e.g. TermOrigin

Punning needed: the thing we are trying to annotate is not an instance.

Line is an instance of DC term (termOrgin) that has a range which is the rdfsLiteral.

Instance of the AssClass class element, have a line in and a line out. Create our workaround hack for those lines. Use base class of Dependency for these two? Or Association? Or whatever EA lets us use.

Action: experiment with this.

Action: Talk to Sparx about the pattern we are trying to implement.

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