WS3 Shared Semantics Working Notes 10 November

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See also the working document Named Graphs

This week we went through the proposals to be able to implement parts of external ontologies by way of an RDF construct called “Named Graphs”.

Details of this approach, and an experiment to demonstrate how this would work, is provided in the following document, prepared by Kevin Tyson:

Publishing Subsets of RDF Specifications

The more technical aspects of these proposals were considered in the Workstream 2 (Technical Modeling Framework) session which followed.

Detailed Session Notes

Diagram notes

Named Graphs

See also WS2 Technical Modeling Framework. The following notes from that session are also relevant to the use of Named Graphs for Shared Semantics:

Diagram note: How to do this with NGs?

The triple portion remains the same when we do the sub-setting.

NG may not be a neat and clean slice of the package hierarchy - points on the graph still refer out to things in the main model.

Whether you pull in the transitive closure? No, allows you to put a ring-fence around the sub-set.

So not a new hierarchy - it's orthogonal to the hierarchy.

Diagram note: How we would use this?

e.g. owlEquivalentClass?

use the NG like a UML Package. We can just use them straight rather than having cross reference from class to class.

Spreadsheet Notes

Notes recorded during the session, in the comments column for the Selection Grid spreadsheet.


We should chain ourselves to this. Seems to have about 20 classes and properties so not large.


Very much the snapshot approach. Link to terms we find in DBPedia that are equivalent or near equivalent to terms we have? Yes we should.

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