WS3 Shared Semantics Working Notes 27 October

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SKOS match requires SKOS Concept at both ends.

That means that our OWL constructs must also be formally identified as SKOS Concept as well as being OWL Classes.

Consensus: Proposals: Make all our concepts sub-classes of SKOS Concept. If we wan tto use SKOS Match. Can do this at the top of the Ontology.

Question: whether that makes sense. Try it and see. It may be that we need to use something other thn SKOS.

This is a constraint for some other SKOS constructs as well, though those which are annotasiton properties would not be a problem. Is a problem when using Object Properties that are part of SKOS.

Date Time


for these ones, we should do a direct import.

Take a exsiting ODM version of the ontology, and import it using (in this environment), the XMI import into the tool. Requires new metamodel.

Then we just put in the equivalent Class relationships or even use the terms directly.

What's normative, informative?

Ontologies normative Global Terms mapping? Global terms that don't have an external home?

Should everything the BE ontology depends on be normative? YES.

The policy for selecitojn: informatibve The policy for use of each set of external terms: informative


AdaptedFrom - specialization of dct:source

This could be applied either to the definition or to the term.

Term: comes from something Definition - either source or adaptedFrom.

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