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 ===== Limitations of SysML v1 ===== ===== Limitations of SysML v1 =====
 +  - Lack of integration between structure and behavior (e.g., flows, triggers, input to do/​behavior)
 +  - Limitations of executing behavior that is integrated with structure/​ports
 +  - Lack of integration between different kinds of behavior (seq, act, stm, uc, timing)
 +  - Lack of integration with analysis expressions so that it is simple to create an expression anywhere in the model
 +  - Unification of expressions and constraints
 +  - Inability to represent structure of I/O and how they are input to different functions
 +  - Lack of representation of timelines
 +  - Inability to easily create and destroy relationships such as connectors
 +  - More flexible pre/post conditions using bdd/​instance diagrams (refer to Keith Butler presentation)
 +  - Support for software architecture concepts as identified by Ron Townsend
 +  - Support for variant behavior modeling concepts
 ===== Driving Requirements ===== ===== Driving Requirements =====
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