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-back to: [[    ​| ​Model Construction ​Wiki page]]+back to: [[Systems Engineering ​Model Construction ​Focus Area]]
 ====== Model Construction Service Archive Page ====== ====== Model Construction Service Archive Page ======
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       * Concept Model Element: User, Role, AccessControl       * Concept Model Element: User, Role, AccessControl
       * References:       * References:
 +      * Assumption: ​ The security (access control) ​ context for the Model Construction services is contained in the "​Session" ​ created when the modeler authenticates themselves and initially accesses the model. ​  The credentials for the modeler are associated with the "​Session"​ and not included explicitly in the Model Construction services themselves. ​  If an access violation occurs, ​ it is assumed that an exception is raised and the modeler is notified that access is not available. ​  The credentials and access control rules are determined by each organization or project.
     * **Logout**     * **Logout**
       * Description: ​  ​Terminate user/​process session, returns null       * Description: ​  ​Terminate user/​process session, returns null
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       * Concept Model Element: ​ None defined for View, Viewpoint or Query       * Concept Model Element: ​ None defined for View, Viewpoint or Query
       * References:       * References:
 +back to: [[Systems Engineering Model Construction Focus Area]]
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