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Resource Entitlement, Modeling, Management, and Sharing (REMMS)

Welcome to the REMMS wiki dedicated to the OMG REMMS specification initiative to enable Universal Information Sharing.

Currently available reference resources include the REMMS support website providing information on REMMS Requirements, ROI, Solutions, and Process, as well as a REMMS support Petition that everyone should sign to support the REMMS effort.

Minds and computers only process and share information, and processing is useless without sharing. The related issues run deep into all our operations. REMMS aims to enable knowledge and information sharing to increase collaboration, integration, and productivity.

Other related information sites include:

Related discussions take many forms and some can be found, for example, in the LinkedIn REMMS discussion group, dedicated to REMMS and information sharing related issues, other related linkedIn discussion groups include: Business Architecture with the OMG BAWG, the Business Architecture Community, as well as LinkedIn information security and privacy discussion groups like discussion. This wiki will try to maintain some links to those and related discussions, integrating efforts for optimal specifications.

Some OMG groups are also considering and working on REMMS related issues and specifications, including - Modeling & Management under BMI, - Implementation and Encoding with MARS/C4I/IEF, as well as Business Architecture implications with BAWG. Access to these wikis may require OMG membership document access.

Everyone's support is required to efficiently specify an integrated standard set and to support universal entitled information sharing, enabling a sound information economy for years to come. Serious work is required, but the cost incured by not having REMMS, already far outweigh these required efforts.

The REMMS wiki also tries to maintain some links to other related OMG wikis, monitoring some of their REMMS related issues and consideration.

Everyone can also request to be added to the OMG REMMS mailing list, as well as contribute to the REMMS wiki.

Welcome to the REMMS wiki.

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