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OMG Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG)


  • To promote consistent understanding of what is Sustainability and Green by developing an industry standard vocabulary and contextually useful information.
  • Develop a Registry of Green Regulations and related 'Incentives' (as applicable) for Compliance.
  • Develop Sustainability Assessment Model (SAM) to help organizations (private sector, governments and others) assess, monitor and report on their level(s) of Maturity (a.k.a. Rating) of Green and Sustainability.
  • Share Sustainability SIG's work with OMG groups and reuse/extend their standards as needed.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to develop 'domain specific' (health care for example) extensions of SAM
  • Leverage standards from other organizations (where applicable and available) to promote collaboration and reuse.


Sustainability Assessment Model (SAM)

Status: Scope/Requirements Phase

Purpose: SAM will provide:

  • A standard vocabulary of Sustainability, Green and related Terms including contextually relevant information and rules
  • A Conceptual and Dimensional Data Model that will support various 'Dimensions' and 'Levels of Maturity a.k.a. Ratings' as well as domain specific variations. Examples of Dimensions are (not limited to) Regulations and Compliance, Incentives, Business Operations (including Business Processes), Green Data, Facility Management and Procurement.

Green and Sustainability Specifications Knowledgebase

OMG Sustainability SIG members are developing a web based knowledgebase of all known Green and Sustainable specifications. Please follow GSK for details

SAM RFP sections

Please follow this link to access sections of SAM RFP

SAM 'Call to Participate' draft documents

SIG Meetings

For SIG meetings related information and presentations please follow: Sustainability Meetings

Submitters Area

Follow SAM Standard work Area to access the Submitters only area. If you are a submitter and need access, please contact Harsh Sharma at

Links of Interest

Links to OMG Standards and relevant topics of interest

Non-OMG Standards and links of interest can be found here


Green and Sustainability Standards Knowledgebase (GSK)will be available for preview in January 2010. Please visit this section for periodic updates.


please note that the SAM SIG participants include private sector, government, non-government, not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions. We'll do our best to keep the list current. If you need to be added/removed from the list, please notify Harsh Sharma at Thanks


Dr. Harsh W. Sharma,

Ken Berk, Vice President of Business Development, Object Management Group,

For Wiki features related questions, please contact Joe Harth at

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