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SAM Call to Participate Documents

As discussed on SAM calls, purpose of the sections below is to develop a cover letter/email and summary of SAM effort that will be used to communicate/invite participation (a.k.a. 'Call to Participate') from organizations such as Government Technology research Alliance (GTRA, We plan to send this to OMG editorial staff on July 27, 2009. Please edit this section by July 24th. Thanks

Cover letter/email

Dear Colleague,

The current day challenges surrounding “Green” and “Sustainability” begin right with the words being used. The terms are used interchangeably and generally with little understanding of what they truly mean although the increased awareness of the need for Green/Sustainable solutions is encouraging. The challenge however is to harness and coordinate the various intellectual efforts going on around the globe into a collective solution where by all participants are using the same vocabulary and interpreting concepts similarly. There is an overwhelming need to establish metrics and models so as ensure baselines of understanding especially if regulations are implemented for organization to abide by.

OMG in conjunction with both private and public organizations is leading the charge to deliver a Technology and Domain agnostic model based on OMG’s Model Driven Architecture that will enable organizations to Define, Measure, Monitor and Report on their current & future state of Green and Sustainability. With the many dimensions of Sustainability still being solidified, it was evident that a not-for-profit organization such as the OMG needed to lead this effort in a way that the solution would remain in the public domain with as little influence as possible to drive it towards a proprietary model. The Sustainability SIG leadership is reaching out to OMG’s membership of over 450 organizations from around the world that span software vendors/service providers, governments, end-users and academic institutions for this effort for input in this effort. OMG’s members come from industries and domains that include (but are not limited to) Health care, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Space, Telecom, Life Sciences, Robotics, Records Management and Regulatory Compliance. This broad group of potential SIG members will enable the Sustainability SIG to deliver a model that truly meets the needs of the masses across all industries with a solution that can be used by all.

The Sustainability SIG leadership has been working with other organizations in conjunction with the GTRA to address various challenges posed by the drive towards sustainability in order to deliver a Sustainability Assessment Model (SAM). SAM will provide an advance vocabulary, a data model to help organizations define, assess, monitor and report on their green and sustainability initiatives. Software vendors will be able to develop tools to facilitate standardized reporting, develop dashboards and perform predictive analytics on different dimensions/perspectives of Green and Sustainability. End-users using SAM compliant tools will be able to exchange information across disparate technologies using a standard format. SAM will leverage existing green and sustainability standards/Ratings where available and applicable.

The intention of this overview is to peak your curiosity in SAM and the Sustainability SIG enough to make your organization you look further into the effort and eventually become a contributing member. We seek to aggregate as many opinions and perspectives as possible so as to deliver a solution that will itself be sustainable. Please consider appointing someone from your organization to meet with the Sustainability SIG leadership at one of our meetings so that they can learn more about the effort and how we can work together to bring SAM to reality. Sincerely,

OMG Sustainability SIG Members For a more detailed description of the effort and to become actively involved, please refer to (exact link to be posted shortly)

Summary of SAM effort

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