The SoaML wiki provides information and specifications related to the Service Oriented Architecture (soaML) open source specification project, founded by the soaML Partners in 2008. The soaML specification is publicly available for download, and includes an open source license for distribution and use.

Availability of Tool Support
IBM Rational Software Architect 7.5.4 and Rational Software Modeler 7.5.4
IBM is pleased to announce first-class support for SoaML in Version 7.5.4 of Rational Software Architect and Rational Software Modeler. In addition to supporting the SoaML profile, we provide a rich set of tools and model templates to regularize and accelerate your service solution design efforts. We also provide tools to generate SOA-related artifacts, including Java code for service interfaces and SCA components, and XSD, WSDL, SCA Composite, and BPEL specification files. To ensure that you can use the new tools to successfully design service solutions, we further provide Rational SOMA 2.9, a method for service solution design. Rational SOMA 2.9 heavily uses SoaML and is tightly aligned with the SoaML tooling in the modeling products. Visithttp://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=3539&uid=swg27014043#754 for information on the new modeling product releases, andhttp://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/swarchitect/websphere/support/ for the general product support page. A reduced-content sample version of Rational SOMA 2.9, as well as content-complete method plug-ins that can be published using Rational Method Composer, can be found at http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=2360&uid=swg24024567&S_TACT=105AGX15&S_CMP=ART.

ModelDriven.org is pleased to announce the initial release of ModelPro™ with support for SoaML. ModelPro is a general purpose MDA provisioning engine able to produce a wide variety of artifacts from models. The SoaML cartridge for ModelPro is able to produce executable web service implementations for services architectures defined in SoaML. Current technologies supported include Web Services, Eclipse and JEE – other technologies are intended to be supported in the future. Please see http://www.modeldriven.org/ for more information.

ModelDriven.org Teaming with NoMagic
ModelDriven.org is very pleased to announce that ModelPro with SoaML has been selected to be bundled with the Cameo SOA+ suite from NoMagic. This suite addresses the full lifecycle of SOA solutions from modeling in MagicDraw™ UML to producing executable solutions. SOA+ provides customized support for creating standard SoaML architectures to enhance usability and scalability. Please see http://soaplus.cameosuite.com for more information on Cameo SOA+.

Modelio CASE Tool by SOFTEAM
The SOFTEAM R&D team provides a free SoaML Designer open source extension for Modelio CASE Tool http://modeliosoft.com. It includes the latest changes in the SOAML specification up to December 2009. The SoaML designer implements a dedicated GUI including 6 new diagrams: Capabilities, Service Contract, Service Architecture, Message, Service Interfaces, and Participant diagrams. SoaML was integrated into SOFTEAM's methodology for Enterprise Architectures. This solution integrates Business Models (Goals, Business Rules, Requirements), Business Processes (BPMN), SoaML and features transformations to various implementation models including XSD, WSDL, BPEL and Java. The SoaML Designer can be downloaded from http://rd.softeam.com/prototypes. The SoaML tutorial and demonstrations are available at http://rd.softeam.com/demos/soaml.

Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect
There has been quite a bit of interest in a version of SoaML for the SparxSystems Enterprise Architect tool. You can find a version of it on the CBDI Forum Wiki at http://cbdi.wikispaces.com/soaML.

NoMagic's MagicDraw
The SoaML Profile for MagicDraw is available on the ModelDriven.org site. We understand from NoMagic that this profile will be bundled in the next version of MagicDraw.

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