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Object Management Group Portals

  • OMG Data Distribution Portal
    Contact: Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, Ph.D.
  • Protected Healthcare Services Specification Project
    Contact: Mr. Kenneth S. Rubin
  • HPEC Wiki
    Contact: Anthony Skjellum
  • AB Hitchhikers Guide Wiki
  • AD Wiki
    Contact: Mr. James J. Odell
  • ADM Wiki
  • AMP-team Wiki
    Contact: James Odell
  • API4KB Wiki
    Contact: Elisa Kendall
  • Architecture Ecosystem SIG Wiki
    Contact: Cory Casanave
  • BA Mapping WG Wiki
    Contact: Prof. Mark von Rosing
  • BA Modeling WG Wiki
    Contact: Prof. Mark von Rosing
  • BMI Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Fred A. Cummins
  • BPMN Model Interchange Working Group
    Contact: Denis Gagne
  • Business Architecture Working Group
    Contact: Prof. Mark von Rosing
  • CMWG Wiki
    Contact: Jim Logan
  • Cloud WG Wiki
    Contact: Dr. Mark Little
  • Common Variability Language
    Contact: Dr. Oystein Haugen
  • DDS-XTypes FTF Wiki
    Contact: Char Wales
  • DMN RFP Wiki
    Contact: Jan Vanthienen
  • Date-Time Wiki
  • Diagram Definition Wiki
    Contact: Maged Elaasar
    Contact: Mr. Michael Abramson
  • Education Wiki
    Contact: Jason McC. Smith
  • Energy Wiki
    Contact: Irv Badr
  • Finance Wiki
    Contact: Dr. Harsh Sharma
  • Government Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Larry L. Johnson
  • IFML Wiki
    Contact: J.D. Baker
  • Information Management Metamodel
    Contact: Dr. Harsh Sharma
  • JIRA Project
    Contact: Mariano Benitez
  • MARS Wiki
    Contact: Mrs. Charlotte Wales
  • MBSE Wiki
    Contact: Burkhart Roger
  • METOC Wiki
    Contact: Fabrizio Morciano
  • MOF Wiki
    Contact: Jim Amsden
  • MOF2RDF Wiki
    Contact: Jim Amsden
  • MVF RFP Wiki
    Contact: Elisa Kendall
  • Marte 1.1 RTF
    Contact: Dr. Sebastien Gerard
  • Marte 1.2 RTF
    Contact: Dr. Sebastien Gerard
  • Model Interchange
    Contact: Mr. Sanford Friedenthal
  • OARIS Wiki
    Contact: Alan Minister
  • ODM 1.1 RTF Wiki
  • ODM 1.2 RTF Wiki
    Contact: Elisa Kendall
  • ODM FTF Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Evan K. Wallace
  • OMG FDTF Wiki
    Contact: Mike Bennett
  • OMG IDL Wiki
  • OMG Insurance Working Group
    Contact: Mr. Tom Ford
  • OMG ManTIS - Manufacturing and Industrial Systems Domain TF
    Contact: Mr. Uwe Kaufmann
  • OMG Sustainability SIG
    Contact: Harsh Sharma
  • OMG SysML Portal
    Contact: Mr. Roger Burkhart
  • ORMSC Wiki
    Contact: Dr. Jon M. Siegel
  • PP WG Wiki
    Contact: John Butler
  • Regulatory Compliance DSIG
    Contact: Said Tabet
  • Research Wiki
    Contact: Mark von Rosing
  • Robotics Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Tetsuo Kotoku
    Contact: Mr. Sanford A. Friedenthal
  • SMART Regulation Project
    Contact: Dr. Harsh Sharma
  • SOA Consortium Wiki
    Contact: Becky Higgins
  • SoaML Wiki
    Contact: Ginna Yost
  • Software-defined Networking Wiki
  • Space Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Rob Andzik
  • Specification Management sub-committee
    Contact: Dr. Jishnu Mukerji
  • Specification Metadata
    Contact: Mrs. Elisa F. Kendall
  • SysA Wiki
  • Telecom Wiki
    Contact: Jenny S Huang
  • UAF Wiki
    Contact: Laura E. Hart
  • UML 2.5 Submission Team Wiki
    Contact: Maged Elaasar
  • UML Composite Structure
    Contact: Eldad Palachi
  • UML Roadmap Wiki
  • UML Testing Profile RTF
    Contact: Marc-Florian Wendland
  • UML2 RTF Wiki
    Contact: Mr. Pete Rivett
  • Uncertainty Modeling
    Contact: Tao Yue
  • Unified Component Model
    Contact: Johnny Willemsen
  • VDM submitters wiki
  • VMM Wiki
    Contact: William Ulrich
  • XBRL GL Modeling
    Contact: Said Tabet
  • bpmn profile ftf wiki
    Contact: J.D. Baker
  • smartdata wiki
    Contact: Dr. Harsh Sharma

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