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The SIMF RFP asks for submissions for a standard that addresses the federation of information across different representations, levels of abstraction, communities, organizations, viewpoints, and authorities. Federation, in this context, means using independently conceived information sets together for purposes beyond those for which the individual information sets were originally defined.

The purpose of SIMF is to help federate information across different authorities, vocabularies and formats. Current conceptual and logical information modeling approaches tend to be focused on a particular information modeling problem, using a particular technical approach. Examples of such technical approaches include object modeling, DBMS modeling and exchange schema modeling. SIMF seeks to address the problem of information federation by specifying standards for conceptual domain modeling, logical information modeling and model bridging relationships.

SIMF submissions will define, adopt and/or adapt languages to express the conceptual domain models, logical information models and model bridging relationships needed to achieve this federation.

Many if not all of these capabilities can be achieved with expert application of multiple standards and technologies. SIMF is intended to unify and tailor these capabilities, providing a standard for tools that reduce the barrier to entry and overhead required to achieve federated information.

For further details see Chapter 6 of the RFP.

Status: SIMF was issued by the OMG at the Santa Clara OMG Meeting, Dec 16th 2011! Responses are due August 13, 2012. Submission teams are now forming - please contact the mail list if you are interested in participating.

Note - The LOI Date for the SIMF RFP has been extended to June 13th, no other dates have been changed.


  • SIMF RFP Issued by the OMG: { PDF .DOC }

Mailing list

  • The mail list for this effort is: simf-rfp at
  • Please contact “request at omg dot org” to subscribe


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