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Balanced Scorecard Metamodel


The Balanced Scorecard and associated business strategy themes (Strategy Maps, Alignment, Value Streams) have proved to be very popular methods for successfully implementing business strategies. However, the practice of these strategy themes has been variable, and there are few tools to support the collection, analysis and monitoring of Balanced Scorecard initiatives.

This OMG work effort is attempting to produce a consensus metamodel of the Balanced Scorecard. The metamodel should reduce the practice variability (due to varying interpretations of the publications on Balanced Scorecard) and provide a basis for building tools that are capable of capturing, analyzing and explaining a Balanced Scorecard based strategy initiative.

Metamodel Pages

  • The Scorecard is a starting point for exploring the metamodel.
  • The Strategy part of the model shows how the strategy links to initiatives and outcomes that appear in the Balanced Scorecard.
  • The Initiative to Action links Initiatives to the Actions, setting the basis for Strategy Maps.
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