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The Customer Management Linkage Diagram

This diagram illustrates how the framework can be extended to accomodate general approaches to strategy implementation as described in Strategy Maps.

This extension of the metamodel is focused on a substrategy EnhanceCustomerValue of the set of GrowthStrategies. One way to implement this strategy is to deliver existing products at a lower price. This would be a specialization of EnhanceCustomerValueAction. EnhanceCustomerValueAction is linked to the corresponding set of EnhanceCustomerValueInitiatives, and these initiatives are linked to the EnhanceCustomerValue strategy.

EnhanceCustomerValueAction will affect a number of CustomerMgtProcesses, especially those in the RelationshipGrowth and CustomerRetention ProcessGroups. These linkages are implemented by way of the ECVActionAffectsRelGrowth and ECVActionAffectsCustRet binary relations. These are subrelations of the corresponding more general relation ActionAffectsProcess.

A characteristic way to extend a framework of this sort is by creating new concepts, most of which will be specializations of existing concepts. New concepts will need to be added when the framework extension reaches a level of detail where it will be apprioriate to introduce new concepts. In addition, existing relations will be specialized to define new relations that are typically constrained to the new concepts that are specializations of the existing concepts. New relations will need to be defined when new concepts are introduced, or when the level of detail makes it appropriate to define new relations. The examples of relation specialization are indicated in this diagram with lines that are slightly wider than the other lines.

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