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The Internal Perspective Diagram

This diagram illustrates how the Internal_Perspective contains ProcessGroups. These ProcessGroups are specialized into the four original categories presented in Strategy Maps: OperationsMgtProcesses, CustomerMgtProcesses, InnovationProcesses and RegSocialProcesses (i.e. Regulatory and Social processes).

This part of the model records the processes used in the enterprise that should be associated with the Internal_Perspective. It does this by realizing specific ProcessGroups of the four different kinds. Each of the ProcessGroups contains Processes by way of the binary relation ProcessGroupHasProcess.

In addition, Strategy Maps identifies a group of distinguished processes, called StrategicThemes. These processes are the primary focus of the Actions associated with the Internal_Perspective. The corresponding Actions can be determined by finding the Processes affected by each Action, then checking to see if the Process is in the StrategicThemes ProcessGroup by way of the binary relation StratThmHasCriticalBusProc. This binary relation is a subrelation of the ProcessGroupHasProcess relation.

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