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BPMN 2.0 FTF: Examples Sub-Group

Sub-Group Members

Sjir Nijssen, Stephen A. White, Ivana Trickovic, Falko Menge, Jakob Freund, Denis Gagné

BPMN 2.0 by Example Version 1.0

Working Drafts

Machine Readable Files 2010-06-03 (Denis)

Version Release Candidate 2 [PDF] [Machine Readable Files RC2] (Falko)

- Added a missing XML serialization (Table 6.1)
- Updated copyright and acknowledgement sections
- Added machine-readable file 'Incident Management(Process Engine Executable).bpmn'

Version Release Candidate [PDF] [Machine Readable Files RC] (Denis)

Version Beta 7 (Ivana)

Version Beta 6[Machine Readable Files Beta 6] (Denis)

Version Beta 5 (Ivana)

Version Beta 4 (Jakob & Falko)

Version Beta 3 [ Machine Readable Files Beta 3] (Denis)

Version Beta 2 (Jakob & Falko)

Version Beta 1[Version Beta 1][Machine Readable Files Beta 1] (Denis)

Version Alpha 14 (Denis)

Version Alpha 13 (Jakob)

Version Alpha 12 (Ivana)

Version Alpha 11 (Denis)

Version Alpha 10 (Denis) [Machine Readable Files Alpha 10]

Version Alpha 9 (Denis)

Version Alpha 8 (Falko) [PDF Version]

- Added text to sections Scope, Conformance, Normative References, and Additional Information
- Removed section 'Terms and Definitions'
- Changed footnotes
- Added '(non-normative)' to the cover page

Version Alpha 7 (Denis)

Version Alpha 6 (Falko) [PDF Version]

- Removed sample annexes B and C
- Fixed some formating issues
- Updated table of contents

Version Alpha 5 -Doc Only (Denis)

Version Alpha 5 - Machine Readable Files (Denis)

Version Alpha 4 (Jakob)

Version Alpha 3 (Ivana)

Version Alpha 2 (Denis)

Version Alpha 1 (Jakob)

Meeting Minutes


Business Case - Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine Nomination Process

The example of this business case in Word-format: 2010-01-18_1145_business_case_nobel_prize.doc


This example was submitted to the team by Gary Brown

The email thread starts here:

Initial discussions resulted in this possible Choreography:

A comment by Fred Cummins resulted in this possible Choreography:

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