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The mission of the C4I Domain Task Force is to identify needed standards in the areas of Military and First Responders; Organize and define the requirements of the needed standards and to oversee the process of first reviewers of the proposed standard.

Agenda for next meeting in Burlingame, CA

Tuesday 5 December, 2017

0900-0930 Joint Open meeting to accept inputs into Data Tagging/Labeling RFP Draft

0930-1000 Discussion of Drafting RFPs for FACE™ Architecture Profile, System Readiness Level Architecture Profile

1000-1030 Break

1030-1130 Task Force Work on Navigation (C2INav) RFP

1300-1430 Presentation of TACSIT Data Interface Submission(s)

1430-1500 Break

1500-1600 Joint Open meeting to accept inputs into Data Tagging/Labeling RFP Draft

1630 Joint Votes

Mailing list

The c4i TF mailing list archive is here (scroll to bottom for most recent posting):
Send email to the mailing list via (OMG member representatives only).
To join the mailing list, contact:

Adopted specifications

All OMG's adopted specifications, including all those sponsored by ADTF, are available at:

Work in progress

TACSIT Data Insertion — Interface for real-time data insertion to Tactical Situation Displays

Data Tagging/Labeling RFP

Navigation Interface RFP —- “Command and Control Interface for Navigation (C2INav)”

DDS Health Monitoring RFP — “Data Distribution Service (DDS) Status Monitoring”

See the “c4i TF” section of OMG's Work in Progress page:


Ronald Townsen (USA) and Mike Abramson (Canada)

Send email to all the chairs via

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with this group, want more information or would like to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting and obtain temporary access to the group's mailing list, please contact one of our Account Representatives or contact one of the Chairs.

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