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OMG Cloud Standards WG Meeting, Reston, VA (Wednesday March 21, 2012)


Cloud is everywhere today and, despite evolving rapidly, we already see disjoint standards emerging. The goal of this WG is to survey existing efforts, identify gaps, and suggest a roadmap for future TCs. This is the constituting, birds of a feather meeting for the WG. We call upon all cloud-minded practitioners to share their use cases, contribute their perspective on existing standards, assess unmet needs, and to make recommendations how to best address those needs. The meeting takes place on the heels of the Cloud Standards Customer Council meeting and will build on its findings.

Areas of relevant standards efforts include:

  • Deployment topology & description (PIM, DMTF:CIM)
  • Deployment orchestration, configuration & description (e.g. OASIS: TOSCA)
  • Application management
  • Identity management
  • Performance management
  • Governance
  • Marketplace for applications or deployables
  • Event processing (OMG:EMP), within and across clouds
  • Collaboration in the cloud
  • Modeling of data
  • Data as a Service
  • Business information modeling in the cloud
  • Application customization
  • Others
  • Participants are encouraged to actively contribute their perspectives on use cases and standards, be it informally in discussion or formally via a short presentation.


  1. Review of existing standards that are relevant and specific for cloud, at OMG & elsewhere
  2. Discover additional standards that are needed
  3. Suggest a roadmap for future TC work
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