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DD 1.1 RTF

OMG Work in Progress Page.


  • XMI (ptc/2014-02-10)

Ballot 3: (Deferrals only)

Ballot 2:

DD 1.0.1 (Urgent Issues under RTF)

These will be included in the DD 1.1 Final Report.


The DD FTF is closed. DD 1.0 is a published specification.

FTF Specification Versions

FTF Change Ballots

FTF Members

See voting list on OMG Work in Progress page.

FTF Logistics

  • The FTF artifacts (documents, metamodels, examples…etc) can be found at this SVN location.
  • The FTF team holds a bi-weekly (every other Tuesday at 10 am EST)
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