Building and Deploying OpenSplice DDS Based Cloud Messaging Live Webcast


Register at: Attend:• Understand Cloud Messaging,
• Learn how to build and deploy a Cloud Messaging solution based on OpenSplice DDS,
• Understand the technical and business benefits of using OpenSplice DDS as your Cloud Messaging solution.Abstract:The Cloud computing trend is increasingly commoditizing and delocalizing several different elements of the computing stack.  It all started with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) but companies are starting to quickly understand and leverage the value of Platform/Middleware as a Service (PasS/MaaS).Cloud Messaging is an example of PaaS/MaaS services at the foundation of virtually all cloud-applications.  This webcast will introduce the use case for Cloud Messaging, and will demonstrate how a very efficient Cloud Messaging solution can be built and deployed on a public or private cloud using OpenSplice DDS and its technology ecosystem.  The webcast will also explore the technical and business benefits which can be derived by using OpenSplice DDS as the foundation of a Cloud Messaging solution.

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