Building the Internet of Things - PrismTech Live OpenSplice DDS Webcast


Register at: Attend:• Understand the key requirements for the Internet of Things
• Learn about the key standards emerging as candidates for the Internet of Things
• Understand the key differences and similarities between Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT)Abstract:The commoditization of network connectivity is enabling the realization of the Internet of Things – a system in which data flows seamlessly, at Internet Scale, between network-connected devices, mobile devices, industrial and information systems.Besides network connectivity, a key enabler for the Internet of Things is a standard for interoperable data sharing.  Without it, there is no open data sharing and as a result no Internet of Things.Recently different standards-based messaging and data sharing technologies, such as Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT), have been proposed as "The Standard" for "The Internet of Things".This webcast will focus on the technologies that are receiving most of the attention, namely DDS and MQTT.  After introducing DDS and MQTT, we will compare and contrast them trying to crisply understand how they differ and where they fit into the Internet of Things ecosystem.The webcast will last approximately one hour.Webcast Presenter:Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D. is OpenSplice DDS Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at PrismTech. As CTO, Angelo directs the technology strategy, planning, evolution, and evangelism. Angelo leads the strategic standardization at the Object Management Group (OMG), where he co-chairs the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Special Interest Group. Angelo is a widely known and cited expert in the field of real-time and distributed systems, middleware, and software patterns, has authored several international standards and enjoys over 10+ years of experience in technology management and design of high performance mission- and business-critical distributed systems. Angelo received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in Computer Science from the Washington University in St. Louis, and a Laurea Magna cum Laude in Computer Engineering from the University of Catania, Italy.Tags: Internet of Things, IoT, Message Queue Telemetry Transport, MQTT, AMQP, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, OpenSplice, DDS, middleware, Data Distribution Service, messaging, data sharing

Building and Deploying OpenSplice DDS Based Cloud Messaging Live Webcast


Register at: Attend:• Understand Cloud Messaging,
• Learn how to build and deploy a Cloud Messaging solution based on OpenSplice DDS,
• Understand the technical and business benefits of using OpenSplice DDS as your Cloud Messaging solution.Abstract:The Cloud computing trend is increasingly commoditizing and delocalizing several different elements of the computing stack.  It all started with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) but companies are starting to quickly understand and leverage the value of Platform/Middleware as a Service (PasS/MaaS).Cloud Messaging is an example of PaaS/MaaS services at the foundation of virtually all cloud-applications.  This webcast will introduce the use case for Cloud Messaging, and will demonstrate how a very efficient Cloud Messaging solution can be built and deployed on a public or private cloud using OpenSplice DDS and its technology ecosystem.  The webcast will also explore the technical and business benefits which can be derived by using OpenSplice DDS as the foundation of a Cloud Messaging solution.

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