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Comparison with SBVR

SBVR provides a metamodel for describing business vocabularies and rules in business terms. For CIM-level DMN models:

  • DMN could reference SBVR terms and facts
  • SBVR constraints could be defined within some decision model, with the addition of the necessary decision action

Relationship of SBVR to Classical Rules

SBVR provides business constraints which may be obligations, necessities, or guidance. These map to:

  • Compliance type rules
  • Behavioral type rules

For example, the SBVR business constraints can be used as (PRR-type) rule conditions, to which must be added some invocation context (the decision task or process invoking the rule, with some context) and resulting in some action as desired.

Relationship of SBVR to DMN

SBVR constraints could be represented in a decision model and specify the decision variables.

SBVR does not have a standard notation, so DMN could provide a notation for SBVR rules within a decision model context.

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