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DMN Information Day proposal


Decision Modelling Information Day

Goals and Dates

Goal: to promote the need for a decision model notation standard and to support the importance of decisions and decision modelling.


Vendors and practitioners and experts and end-users who (a) utilise decision modelling and (b) support the notion of a standard in this area.

Preference for end-user presenters on need for decision modelling.

Preference for vendors to show differences in decision modelling to indicate need for standardisation.


Government, business analysts, CIOs, process & decision specialists.

Standards implementors and product managers.

DMN Information Day Proposal

Date and Location

OMG DC on Weds March 23rd, 2011.

Promotion: how, what, when, where.

  1. BRCommunity mailing?
  2. LinkedIn groups
  3. Brainstorm groups
  4. EP-COP (not Brenda - new leadership for 2011)

Finalise agenda in Jan2011.


Govt, business users / specifiers of decisions and associated modelling…

Objectives and Goals

To introduce decision modelling / DMN standardisation effort and solicit support for the DMN standard from the audience and participants, both end-users and commercial suppliers.

General layout: intro to DMN and keynote, followed by overview and use cases and then industry views, ending on summary.

Possible Agenda

Intro / keynote
  1. Chair's Introduction (JH)
  2. Importance of Decisions (JT)
Business decision modelling perspective
  1. Session 1: Decision Tables and use cases (JVT)
    1. Decision Tables as a Decision Model (JVT)
    2. Use cases for Decision Tables (JVT+)
  2. Session 2: model example and use case
    1. Decision Model example (BVH/LG)
    2. Use case (Freddie Mac)
  3. Session 3: model example and use case (RR)
    1. Decision Model example (RR)
    2. Use case ()
Executable decision model perspective
  1. Technology provider and sponsor use cases
  2. Commercial showcase for decision modelling
    1. 15 minutes each on “How We Model Decisions”
      1. Decision Models and Metaphors
      2. Use Cases or users
  3. Panel discussion on gaps, mapping, need for DMN / decision standard
    1. Participants: Users challenge the Suppliers
Standards and Summary
  1. Way Ahead: What can DMN achieve for us? (PV)
  2. Overview of the DMN RFP (CSMA)
  3. Wrap-up (JH)


1. Contact AF / other decisioning consultants. (PV)

2. Ask JT for keynote. (PV)

3. Ask JT for leads for user organisations (use case suggestions). (PV)

4. Marketing discussion with OMG {JH) –> BMI, Ron Ross owes OMG an email list for a blast

5. Ask KPI for use case suggestions / end-user presns? (PV)

6. Panel thoughts: ask JT? (PV)

7. Panel participants eg MP @ Drools (JH)

Notes from meeting 8 Dec with Ken

1. Other meetings in the DC week are RTWS eg Tu-Th, EPTS Th, Biz Ec Tu =⇒ proposed date Weds Mar 23rd

2. Commercial: PV to send list of contact reqs to Ken; communications cc Ken in case of OMG follow-up

3. Preliminary agenda before eo Yr to Ken + Mike Narducci mike@omg

4. In requests for spkrs – requests to go to Ken

5. Attendee costs - upper limit of $295 pd could be $90 eg major sponsor use case $7.5K slot, minor sponsor $2.5K

Ken's notes: deliverables:

  1. Approved agenda for the day by 12/31/2001
  2. Send Ken a list of potential sponsors
    1. All sponsors to get a demo table and branding for the day.
    2. Marketing contacts of companies that we can contact to help promote the event
  3. OMG will provide you the list of primary contacts for the companies that wish to contact to participate
  4. The one day event will be priced at the usual one day OMG pricing.
  5. We will look to get $10,000 in sponsorships and if so, we will reduce the cost to $90/person
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