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bmi/10-11-01: Decision Modeling draft RFP

bmi/10-09-05: Decision Management Notation draft RFP Status presentation

bmi/10-09-04: Decision Modeling Experiences [Larry Goldberg and Barbara von Halle] (Contact: Mr. Larry Goldberg) Cambridge presentation slides - The Decision Model: A Refresher and What’s New Since Last Time

bmi/10-06-04: Decision Management update presentation Minneapolis presentation slides

bmi/10-03-03: Decision Modeling Notation for Business Rules and BPM (Contact: Mr. Jan Vanthienen) Jacksonville presentation slides

bmi/09-09-13: Decision Model and Notation (Contact: Mr. Christian De Sainte Marie) BAWG San Antonio meeting presentation slides

bmi/09-06-09: Decision Model and Notation - an Introduction San Jose presentation slides

bmi/07-12-08: The Significance and Practicality of Decision Model (Contact: Mr. Larry Goldberg) Burlingame presentation slides

bmi/07-12-07: Decision models Burlingame presentation slides

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