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This is your opportunity to influence the next major standard in information management

If you are an IMM Submitter, please follow the Submitters Link

For general information about OMG, its Process for development of standards and available Standards, please follow http://www.omg.org

The IMM Story - Some background

IMM Components Overview

Usage Scenarios for IMM

The IMM RFP 05-12-02.pdf

IMM submitters and supporters range from Data Modeling, DW, ETL and Business Intelligence tool vendors, UML Tool vendors, data and metadata consulting organizations. For a complete list, please follow the link: Who is supporting IMM?

Existing CWM standard can be found here

Publicly available version of IMM Submission docs

Submission Vol. I

Submission Vol. II

Submission Vol. III

Submission Vol. IV

IMM Calendar

For IMM related calls/meetings/events please follow IMM Calendar

Want to get involved?

OMG invites your participation and support in development and validation of this important proposed standard. For additional information on the IMM RFP and how to get involved, please contact:

  1. Pete Rivett, OMG Architecture Board member, CTO, Adaptive Inc. pete.rivett@adaptive.com
  2. Dr. Harsh W. Sharma, hsharma@meta-guru.com

To support IMM work and join the weekly calls, please send an email to request@omg.org requesting to be added to immpublic@omg.org along with your contact information. Thanks.

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