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JIRA Information

Philosophy: OMG Members create main issue types (revision, clarification, enhancement), and they are assigned and evaluated. Proposals are created as sub-tasks and appear under the issues.

Ballots are created as versions and the vote for each member of the TF is created as another issue. Each member vote on his own vote for the ballot and reflects the result on the main issue. When a Ballot/version is created, the period where it is permitted to vote is between the start date and the release date. After that the version is released and you cannot assign more issues to it.

Issue Types

Issue types are the main types to be handled

Sub-Tasks are related to resolutions proposed by TF Members

Name Description Heading 3
Revision Top Row 1 Col 3
Clarification Row 1 Col 2 Row 1 Col 3
Enhancement some colspan (note the double pipe)
Closed; No Change

Statuses For TF Projects

New: issue is untriaged and/or accepted. It requires analysis before letting the issue start the process. Open: issue accepted and ready to be processed. Assigned: The issue has an assignee that will work on the issue. In Progress: The issue is actively being worked on Resolved: The issue has a resolution and is waiting for confirmation. Closed: The issue completed the process.

The TF Process

New Issues are entered in “New” status, meaning they have not been triaged and accepted. After evaluation they move to “Open” status, meaning they are accepted by the TF and will be evaluated and resolved. Another option is to reject the issue (e.g. spam mail or incorrectly catalogued issues), at that moment the issue is moved to the “unfiled project” where OMG Staff will define what to do with the issue (discard, move to another TF or just left unfiled). Once an issue is accepted it cannot go back to new. “Open” issues

Custom JIRA Components

The following custom built JIRA components will be created:

Issue Status Custom Field

A Custom Field built with the general status of an issue :

  • If no proposal is generated, it should now “open”
  • If a proposal is available, show “proposed X”“
  • IF mored than one proposal is available

Task Force Ballot Voting Panel

A new panel for project versions is created to allow voting for issues associated in the version/ballot. It should work the following way:

  • When the version is not started (Start Date > Today), it should show the issues assigned to that version, with the status (the custom field)
  • IF the version/ballot is started, show the voting status and allow voters to vote on the issues (add a dropdown with the options, and a general one)
  • If the version/ballot is closed, show the voting status.

Project Report Panel

A new panel for project/Task Force reporting should be available.

  • It should generate the complete report even for unfinished projects…
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