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  • Archive / Close Essence 1.0 FTF Project [Mariano]
  • Create Essence 1.1 RTF JIRA Project - YES! [Mariano]
  • Change names in JIRA to match Task Force [Mariano]
  • Assign affects version to all issues
  • Create Task Forces
    • FIBO Business Entities 1.0 FTF (6056)
    • Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures 1.0 FTF (6051)
    • VDML 1.0 FTF (6057)
    • SACM 1.1 RTF (5955)
    • UML 2.6 RTF (6021)
    • SysML 1.5 RTF (6033)


  • Create JIRA Support Project
  • improve task force member dates to improve the page
  • Fix Ballot Page and Public Issues Page to the task force issues page
  • Evaluate to include a JIRA Report of the TF Report ([JIRA report|]
  • Check LDAP Syncronization
  • Check member removal
  • Send email to juergen and chairs when members do not vote in 2 ballots
  • Do not send reminders for ballots closing soon, and send mail to chairs
  • Create documentation to request access to JIRA in main dashboard
  • Insert into SPEC table when the task force close
  • Implement a JQl function to obtain the version/mayor for a spec.
  • Implement a JQl function for proposal ready.
  • Finish the labels properties
  • Add online help in the description of screens, and format hints for sources, supporting and machine documents
  • When a ballot closes, set fix version to all issues (even if they have no votes)
  • Automatic update on the OMG issues table to reflect approval? or the other way round (update JIRA based on OMG issue status?)
  • Public Issues Lists
  • Veto Power in the process
  • Define how to migrate all legacy issues (we need information in the specifications tables, and report documents)
  • Evaluate having a single issue number or maintain the legacy number.
    • We can rename the legacy issue number, and for issues created via jira, use the issue id (the long value), and then copy the value to the proposals and deferred issues so to search for the unique value
  • Provide a way to reschedule a proposal if rejected (normally because the ballot was not quorate) - evaluate a clone transition, or just leave clone
  • Evauate the status of the public submission form
  • Servlet or query to list open issues for a spec/mayor
  • Include filters and totals in the issues panel
    • unresolved to include in report (default)
    • All
    • unresolved (not resolved / approved)
    • resolved (resolved and closed)
    • open with proposals ready
  • Labels: open: (not quorate / approved / rejected) / unresolved: proposal ready /
  • Add link to old issues page from issues list
  • When the pending is empty, remove and try unresolved, if empty, remove and all
  • Include in the Task Force page the members that have not voted in 2 ballots (within a 15 days window)
  • Add Confirmation for delicate actions (close task force)
  • Include Status Descriptions at the bottom of the Issues Page
  • Add Email Address in Task Force Panel
  • Include errors from member check in the membership page (members not found / USER NOT FOUND / F-MEMBER-BY-NAME)
  • Add voting detail on each member in the members page (popup with the ballots they voted)
  • Add P&P note to emails
  • Add link to the TC Process Page in OMG
  • Reorder menues in the project overview
  • update TC_PROCESS db when the project is created with the JIRA Project key
  • Create filters or something like that to show issues pending solution - automatically create more filters - NO, no filters
  • Include columns: updated
  • New Project Panel with Issues to include in the report (with issue status)
  • Properly format source versions in task force screen, with a link to the omg page
  • Rename No Vote with DNV (Did Not Vote)
  • change the notification email to the mailing list email address
  • Review Notification Scheme and add members (chairs, members, voting members) to issue created events
  • Better Ballot handling (Ballots Admin Screen and Ballots View Screen) - In progress
    • Ballot dates dropdown and validation
    • Ballot dates update (validate they move ahead, not back) - do not update closed ballots
    • Links to view the ballot from the ballot rows
    • Different colors for open and current ballots (or bold)
    • Add a column with the number of issues and another with number of votes (9 of 14)
    • Instead of Closed put the real status (quorate, not quorate) and number of issues and votes
    • Column Number to # and 1em, Status 7em
    • Add dialogs for votes and issues
    • Add tooltip for issues column with number of approved and rejected issues
    • Add a column for proposals with number of closed/ resolved
  • Report configuration
    • link to print the report (and option to send windows.print() via Javascript on ?print option
    • REview margins and print format
    • print members properly [name], [company] ([email])
    • include page breaks, ToC, etc
  • Emails
    • Include a note about the timezone when showing date
    • Try to use the user's timezone - does not apply, it is sent to the list
  • create a status page for ballots (votes, quorum, etc)
  • If the task force is closed, the report do not generate, just link to the report doc number.
  • If we fix the ballot screen, make better assumptions on ballot numbers
  • Include Extent of Change in each issue? - YES


  • Better error page when not all issues are voted
  • When a Task Force is closed, disable editing task force information, or implement a freeze option
  • Allow the definition of a version stamp for each entry in the inventory
  • Include attachment images (replicate the description on the report).
  • Install JIRA Agile to build a Task Force Dashboard automatically
  • Install Confluence and create pages autoamtically
  • Generate the URLs autoamtically (Linda's tedious work)
  • install GIT and Stash


  • create a OMG Status tab panel to insert links to report, public issues lists
  • Migration of Legacy OMG Issues (closed issues)
  • Show TC Process Name, Acronym, source and target version in the Task Force Panel
  • Include a link to the spec page when an issue is created (<ACRONYM>/X.Y/(BetaZ/)) (source) - define relationship and link name
  • Include a link to the report once the issue is closed (to the omg document number, so it survives JIRA updates) - define relationship and link name
  • Issues Closure (once approved by Boards) - in progress - missing global action single button for Juergen
  • Validation of proposals fields
    • If an issue is scheduled, you cannot add more proposals ready. Or at least if the issue is under ballot… because you are adding more options
    • Each Proposal Ready has its specific screen to edit inline
  • Import deferred issues from sources when importing legacy issues. Pending to deploy in production.
  • Review dispositions layout in the report (deferred, resolved, duplicate) - links, data, etc.
  • When a duplicate is approved, move link from the child to the parent
  • Improve consistency of OMG Data (Voting List with contact Ids and Event names)
  • Implement Document types (pending the list of new fields) - normative/informative/ancillary ok
  • Add support for zip entries in machine readable docs
  • Status for zip contents is derived from the status of the zip file (so all files inside a zip are either normative, informative or ancillary, no need to specify for each one)
    • Are zip files normative/informative? they can be either
    • can we assume filenames inside zip are the same as url filename? for now yes, but think of an easy way to customize
    • supporting documents inside zip file? yes it's possible
  • proposal ready and schedule need to properly show validation problems
    • Schedule action now only has comments and selects the first ballot schedulable, and if more validations are needed we add more validators
  • no permitir poner la fix version en el schedule, hacerlo automaticamente y avisar si hay errores
  • Review/refine dispositions descriptions
  • Issue creation and assignment
  • Issue discussion and proposals creation
  • Ballot creation and issue scheduling
  • Automatic Import of existing and new OMG issues
  • Ballot voting
  • members pending approval (the text awaiting approval skips adding the member)
  • Inventory file? Inventory is now the documents section of the report, no need for a separate file
  • Rename non-voting members to assistants and fix issues in the task force members page. [Mariano]
  • report on members without contact id in the voting list deadline. [Mariano]
  • Put elements in zero in disposition summary and summary of changes made…
  • Sort the ballots in the voting record and in the summary of changes made…
  • Assistants show up in the FTF/RTF report, ok? as an indication of all the people who worked? No, they do not appear
  • Review Essence 1.0 FTF to see if the spec and change bar documents should be included in supporting documents.
  • Fix some data in the membership (users in the notes, contact_id is null) - Probably FIBO FTF has this problem, will review
  • IPR Mode (if we have the previous/source version we can check it there for legacy ) we need to verify
  • Report Deliverables (Documents and Machine Readable Files)
  • remove specs from supporting documents list, move the url to spec section and put change bar as ancillary
  • links to documents in the report
  • Task Force Report (we are missing data in OMG Tables to properly test and verify some sections)
  • Create a servlet with the proper report or transform the current one
  • put the dates in proper format (this is done via JIRA Administration - look and feel and is global - should be “d MMMM yyyy”)
  • Support for doc numbers in 2 and 4 digits for year
  • Put a frame in the report servlet to include the html head and body elements
  • Version custom field upon issue creation The source version is assigned upon creation of new fields
  • Target Version is assigned upon issue closure by AB
  • Chairs can enter version id, report documents and version in a new form - version stamp, filename ok
  • Automatically track JIRA Project Name to match Task Force Title - not going to do it
  • Automatically update JIRA Project Membership to match Task Force Voting List
  • Consider “awaiting approval” on the automatic update of JIRA members
  • Do not open a Ballot if there are no votes
  • remove “Ballot #” and labels and just leave the number - not going to dot it
  • Change the html styles to make it similar to the report

Issues Lists

We discussed the priority order for implementing issues navigation. IMO all these are necessary. I know many of these are trivial and/or already a given, but I wanted to be as complete as possible (and I'm also interested in Juergen's perspective):

1. Given an issue, know whether it's open or closed, and if closed, be able to navigate to the RTF/FTF report where it was resolved. (include a link to the report page (doc number)

2. Given an issue, be able to navigate to the precise specification document against which it was reported (e.g. UML 1.3, UML 2.4). (only for rtf issues? or can they point to the beta)

3. Given a specification document, be able to navigate to the historical RTF or FTF that created it (except for submission documents, which aren't created by an RTF or FTF). (not in jira? can provide link to the task force in jira, is this a link included in the spec page?)

4. Given an RTF/FTF report, be able to navigate to the list of issues resolved in that report, and navigate to each one. (in the doc? add a link in the report to a filter?) we already have links in the report to jira issues

5. Given a specification name and major version (e.g. BPMN2), be able to list all open issues against the current minor version of that specification, and navigate to each one. (ok, this would be an URL you can add in the spec page?) e.g: http://jira/issues/open/BPMN/2 (any version) (open meaning not approved by AB or approved by Ballot?)

6. Given a specification name and major version (e.g. BPMN2), be able to list all the open issues for the current minor version of that specification that were reported before the comment deadline of the current RTF/FTF. (ok, same as 5., just another option in the page)

7. Given a mailing list name, be able to navigate to the current RTF that uses that mailing list. (meaning the TC_PROCESS that is associated with an open Task Force) (maybe we can create a mailing list page with all the information from 7 and 8) (are we replacing for example?)

8. Given a mailing list name, be able to navigate to the past RTFs & FTFs that used that mailing list. (ok same as 7)

9. Given a specification name and major version (e.g. BPMN2), be able to list the current and all previous RTFs/FTFs for minor versions of that specification, and navigate to any of them. (this would be a page that lists the JIRA projects related to a SPEC/MAYOR, or included in the omg spec page)

10. Given a current or past RTF or FTF, be able to navigate to the specification that it used as its baseline, and (for past RTFs/FTFs) the report that it delivered. (ok for the spec page, but not navigate to the spec document? we do not have the documents associated with a past specification, unless it is loaded in OMG Database) (for the report, it's ok)


  • Strikethrough items as completed
  • Bold items are high priority
  • [Name] means the item is on someone inbox
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