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-Rich Internet Application (RIA) Working Group+====== ​Rich Internet Application (RIA) Working Group ====== 
 +  * Initiated March 2010 with Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Interoperability Services RFI: mars/​10-03-22 ([[https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​mars/​10-03-22]]) 
 +  * A draft RFP for RIA Components Interoperability was worked on until Sept 2011, when it was split into 2 RFPs: the //RIA Dynamic Component Model for Homogeneous Platforms// (RIA Dynamic Component Model) and the //RIA Proxy Component Model for Heterogeneous Platforms//​. Decision to work RDCM first. 
 +  * Activity placed on hold in March 2012 and restarted Sept 2012. 
 +  * RFP for RIA RDCM issued March 2013: mars/​13-03-28 ([[https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​mars/​13-03-28]]) 
 +  * Initial submission reviewed September 2015: mars/​15-08-03 ([[https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​mars/​15-08-03]]) 
 +  * After many delays and at the request of the sole submitter, the technology process was canceled in December 2016.  The issued RFP was subsequently withdrawn in March 2017. 
 +  * For now -- this activity is suspended.
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