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GRM Working Group

Open issues to address

Ballot 3

Issue # Status Forum Page Resolution doc link Notes
Issue 11621 OPEN Discussion 11621_closednochange.doc Suggest Close NoChange (see the discussion page)
Issue 13654 OPEN Discussion 13654_deferred.doc Still pending the drawings… For RTF 1.2
Issue 14902 OPEN Discussion 14902_resolved.doc Replace term msgsize in Annex F ComunicationChannel by packetSize
Issue 14908 OPEN Discussion 14908_resolved.doc I agree in placing the diamond in figure 10.13
Issue 14911 OPEN Discussion 14911_closednochange.doc This is explained in its definition in page 93. I suggest Close No Change.
Issue 14916 OPEN 14916_resolved.doc This is a typo, it is solved by editing Fig 10.13 (same used in 14908)
Issue 14917 OPEN Discussion 14917_resolved.doc If affects only the domain elements
Issue 15292 OPEN Discussion 15292_resolved.doc This will need some editorial changes to decide when to use Opaque expression amd when String…

Ballot 1

Issue # Status Forum Page Resolution doc link Notes
Issue 15033 OPEN 15033_closednochange.doc Closed, no change.
Issue 14610 OPEN {{:grm:14610_resolved.rtf|}} Resolved
Issue 11856 OPEN 11856_resolved.doc Resolved

Ballot 2

Issue # Status Forum Page Resolution doc link Notes
Issue 14907 Resolved N/A 14907_resolved_draft.doc Typo in figure 10.13 updated.
Issue 14897 Closed N/A 14897_closednochange.doc simplification intended, SecondaryScheduler as an association of the Scheduler instead of a specialized class, it is not possible.
Issue 12411 Closed N/A 12411_closednochange.doc Example in Figure 10.21 makes use of directed arrows.
Issue 13655 Closed N/A 13655_closednochange.doc stereotype GRM::SchedulableResource should have an attribute describing its activation parameters
Issue 15034 Resolved N/A 15034_resolved.doc Typo ordered usedResouces in figure 10.18 updated. Here the visio file for convenience:
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