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Issues and Discussion

Issues to address

Issue # Status Forum Page Resolution doc link Notes
Issue 14905 OPEN SAM Workload Figure defines a new property for GQAM::WorkloadBehavior

Issues with comments inline beneath each one

Issue 14895: Remove the TimedObservation stereotype

Issue 14899: Missing mappings between analysis duration, arrival patterns and clock constraints

Issue 14903: Inconsistency between the Time domain model and related profile

Issue 14913: Clarify the semantics of GQAM::BehaviorScenario duration attribute w.r.t. execTime, respTime and hostDemand

Issue 15033: «StereoType» “SchedulableResource” has a tag of schedParams which is made up of a Class (this is not allowed in UML)

Issue 15034: Diagram shows {ordered usedResouces}, it should be {ordered usedResources}.

Issue 15035: • polling: PollingParameters [0..1]

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