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MARTE 1.0 Kick-off meeting

December 08, 2009 Long Beach, Ca, USA


  • SG: Sébastien Gérard (CEA, co-chair)
  • IB: Irv Badr (IBM, co-chair)
  • JM: Julio Medina (Univ. Cantabria)
  • YB: Yves Bernard (Airbus)
  • JDA: Julien De Antoni (INRIA)
  • SD: Sébastien Demathieu (Thales RT)


  • Ongoing work on the MARTE profile for multicore (Irv Badr)
  • Quick review of the MARTE 1.0 RTF wiki (MARTE 1.1 RTF Wiki)
  • Review of the list of ongoing open issues (Presentation of SD)
  • Definition of the set of planned ballot and the related timetable
  • Review WG decomposition and leadership

Ongoing work on the MARTE profile for multicores (Irv Badr)

MARTE based support for Multicore Systems, Irv Bdr, IBM

Discussion: Should have a look to the MARTE resource usage that provides some facilities related to power consumption Should have a look on the HwPower profile part of HRM In analysis, steps of scenario can carry information related to power consumption.

Proposition: Irv provides an example showing the usage of the current extensions proposed in the MARTE profile for MC. From this example, the idea is to understand if the proposed extenssions are really needed, or if there is a methodological solution using plain MARTE extensions. The specific focus is on the core affinity and power mode selection. Julio and Sebastien D. will interact with Irv on that specific subject.

Quick review of the MARTE 1.0 RTF wiki

For each WG pages of the wiki, please refer to the FTF2 wiki page to mimic the template: e.g.,

Review of the list of ongoing open issues

- Goal: to support modeling constructs to support – Applications (component needs) – Platforms (capabilities) – Allocations

- Two main inconsistencies (1) Matching the Execution platform to allocation platform, through the use if workload behavior through the Step class wich uses GQAM_Resources::ExecutionHost and is refined by CommunicationStep which interacts with GQAM_Resources::CommunicationHost. Although the SAM resource model (fig 16.13) uses this allocation implicitly, we should extend it for explicit allocation

GQAM's two parts, WorkLoadBehavior and ResourcePlatform are currently disconnected Ref platform needed for execution platform or can we use and “abstract” platform

Move Res usage into exec platform section Relationship b/w TimedProcessing and NamedEvent. Solve this by: TimedProcessing composed of CalueSpecification NamedElement uses the Duration property from ResourceUsage

BehaviorScenario is a way to define response time

ResponseTime and ExecutionTime are two different concepts and sould be preserved. Duration can be defined as a profile of ResponseTime

Review WG decomposition and leadership

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