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MARTE 1.2 RTF, Ballot 1

Ballot 1, discussion period December 14 to 28 (12 pm CET), 2011
Ballot 1, voting period December 29 2011 to January 12 2012 (12 pm CET)

Spreadsheet for voting on ballot 1: marte1.2_rtf_ballot1_yourcompanyname_yyyy-mm-dd.xls

Issue # Status Resolution doc link Notes
Issue 15166 RESOLVED 15166_resolved.doc Add extension from RtFeature to ConnectorEnd
Issue 15261 CLOSEDNOCHANGE 15261_closednochange.doc No comment.
Issue 15291 RESOLVED 15291_resolved.doc_v2_.doc No comment.
Issue 15310 DUPLICATE 15310_duplicate.doc This is a duplicate of issue 15292 already solved in first RTF
Issue 15432 RESOLVED 15432_resolved.doc Replace DurationUnitKind by TimeUnitKind
Issue 15433 RESOLVED 15433_resolved.doc Synchronize properties of IntervalType between diagram and text
Issue 15434 RESOLVED 15434_resolved.doc Change the base unit for Mb/s in DataTxRate
Issue 15660 RESOLVED 15660_resolved.doc
Issue 15727 RESOLVED 15727_resolved.doc
Issue 16010 RESOLVED 16010_resolved.doc Minor syntax correction in clause 9.1
Issue 16012 RESOLVED 16012_resolved.doc Clarification of clause
Issue 16162 CLOSEDNOCHANGE 16162_closednochange.doc No comment.
Issue 16224 RESOLVED 16224_resolved-1-bvs.docx active class/active resource: no changes but additional example in SAM. Here it is the visio file(zipped)
Issue 16229 RESOLVED 16229_resolved.doc Update of figure 14.25
Issue 16248 RESOLVED 16248_resolved.doc Added HwMcProcessor (a Core in a multi-core processor) Here it is the visio file(zipped) for figs 14.55 & 14.66

Ballot 1 Vote Results

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