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This wiki is intended for the collaboration of the MARTE 1.2 RTF Task Force. Members of the task force may use this site for document and information sharing, and any interested OMG member may view this site to track status or activities of the task force. To edit pages on this wiki, please request a login account from a Marte RTF chair (sebastien[dot]gerard[at]cea[dot]fr. Details on the MARTE 1.2 RTF charter are here:

Structure and Work Organization

“An F/RTF is chartered by the appropriate TC to gather comments on a particular specification from OMG Members and others, and to decide whether changes are necessary in response to those comments. An F/RTF may recommend changes that provide clarification of the wording without changing its intent, or minor revisions that correct the detail of the specification without adding or removing significant functionality. Enhancements to the specification are outside the scope of the F/RTF, and must be deferred to a later RFP process (see section 4.2). ” [P&P 2.1 §]

Important Dates

RTF Public Comment DeadlineDecember 31, 2010
RTF report dueJune 7th, 2013
RTF Revision DeadlineJune 28th, 2013
Ballot 1, discussion period October 10 to 23 (12 pm CET), 2011
Ballot 1, voting period October 24 to November 6 (12 pm CET), 2011
Ballot 2, discussion period March 20 to April 2 (12 pm CET), 2013
Ballot 2, voting period April 3 to April 16 (12 pm CET), 2013

Open issues for RTF 1.1

Here is the excel sheet distributing the issues per WG (updated in December 11, 2012): marte_issueslist--2012-12-10.xlsx

OMG list of open MARTE Issues

Issue Resolution Templates

All issue resolutions should be prepared by copying one of these standard issue resolution templates, renaming it to start with the issue number, and filling in the {brace-enclosed} strings.

MARTE 1.2 RTF Ballots

Useful Links

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