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Davide initially provided a set of MVF Operations (described in pseudo-code) based on his vocabulary management experience. After an initial vetting of Davide's Operations, we have been going through User Stories from other MVF submission team members to identify additional requirements and refine and extend the Operation signature accordingly. Scenerios and stories explored so far in this process include:

The latest version of Operation signature is MVF Operations as of 19-05-10.

The team may wish to review the remaining user stories (at least the Extending a vocabulary ... user story) and scenarios to determine which may be applicable to the current MVF scope and define enhancements needed to the Operation signature for those requirements that are applicable. Need to then evaluate completeness of story/scenario coverage. Do we cover basic import and export scenarios for example?

The plan is to include the Operations signature in the submission along with user stories that are annotated with how the would use the signature. These meeting notes Notes for 26 Apr and 3 May 2019 provide some explanation as to which Operations were added to support which parts of Pete's story.

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