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The MVF Entry -- what a model element links to

What does a model element link to? Some “concept” object? Multiple terms/entries in different vocabularies? We agreed that a model element links to an undefined object called an “MVF Entry”. The purpose of this page is to tease out the characteristics of an MVF Entry and then retitle it if it matches some vocabulary concept.

The MVF Entry lives somewhere. Model elements link to it. It is linked to entries in multiple vocabularies.

The link from the model element is surely an IRI, but it must be one that can be decoded to a locatable object/resource that is the MVF Entry.

Nature of the MVF Entry

Some proposals have been discussed.

  • Proposal: The MVF Entry is just an IRI that all the related language vocabularies agree to use for the “concept”. Some additional property of the Model must point to “Vocabulary resources” in which the IRIs are tied to embedded vocabulary entries.
  • Proposal: The MVF Entry is a container that contains the links to all of the corresponding vocabulary entries. The idea that they represent the same concept is implied. Effectively, the MVF Entry is the reference form of the “concept”, at least for the ModelElements that link to it.
  • Proposal: The MVF Entry is a vocabulary entry. These entries can be linked to each other across vocabularies, or in a separate resource. The model element can point to any of those resources as a starting point. The effect is that the model element points to one element of some kind of circular linked list.

Features/Properties of an MVF Entry

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