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-Welcome to the MVF RFP wiki+Welcome to the MVF Joint Submission Team wiki 
 +This represents the work of the Joint Submission Team which is responding to the Multiple Vocabulary facility (MVF) RFP. This Team includes all the current OMG members who formally provided a Letter of Intent to submit: 
 +  Adaptive 
 +  Agile Enterprise Design 
 +  Model Driven Solutions 
 +  VisumPoint 
 +  Thematix Partners
 The MVF RFP is available at http://​​techprocess/​meetings/​schedule/​MVF_RFP.html. The MVF RFP is available at http://​​techprocess/​meetings/​schedule/​MVF_RFP.html.
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   * [[mvf:​draftsubmission | Draft Initial Submission]]   * [[mvf:​draftsubmission | Draft Initial Submission]]
   * [[mvf:​metamodel | MVF metamodel]]   * [[mvf:​metamodel | MVF metamodel]]
 +  * [[mvf:​interfaces | MVF Interfaces]]
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