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Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) Finalization Task Force (FTF) 2


The mission of this task force is to address issues or problems found with the Ontology Definition Metamodel Beta 2 document <> and produce a report describing changes that will be used to finalize the ODM specification.



Telecons will occur on the following day and time:

  • Wednesday at 1700 UTC(GMT) / 12noon Eastern / 9AM Pacific

Call in information

Phone numbers
  • US/Canada Toll Free: 866-469-3239
  • US/Canada Toll: 650-429-3300
  • Germany Toll Free: 0800-101-6943
  • Germany Toll: 49 (0) 695007 3857
  • UK Toll Free: 0800-028-8023
  • UK Toll: 44 (0) 207 365 1860
  • China - North Toll Free: 10-800-712-1281
  • China - North Toll: (none)
  • Singapore Toll Free: 800-120-4239
  • Singapore Toll: 65 64155103
  • Elsewhere: (See WebEx popup)
Meeting number

574 572 712



Next scheduled Telecon

  • 10 September 2008

Minutes from past telecons


The content in this section that formerly documented the history and results of ODM FTF1 has moved to a separate FTF1-Archive page.

Summary / Status

Proposed Resolutions

  • [none pending]

Relevant Artifacts

  • One-page template for issues with disposition resolved (for FTF report) template


Poll 1

CLOSED - addressing issues: 10848, 10851, 10859 and 10878 All resolutions Accepted

  • 10848 proposed resolution slightly revising text about the 4 M-levels WordPDF
  • 10851 proposed resolution revising text eliminating “implementation” WordPDF
  • 10859 proposed resolution eliminating paragraph about names as instances WordPDF
  • 10878 proposed resolution revising discussion about property restrictions WordPDF

Poll 1 closed 14 March 2008

Poll 2

CLOSED - addressing issues: 10869, 10880-10883, 10896 and 10903 All resolutions accepted

  • proposed resolution for issue 10869 (Naries) decoupling n-ary and Association Class in mapping discussion Word pdf
  • proposed resolution for issues 10880 (Constants) and 10882 (Transitive closure) including UML in the language feature discussed and regrouping related text Word pdf
  • proposed resolution for issue 10881 (Herbrand Semantics) making the text consistent and correct w.r.t. UML Word pdf
  • proposed resolution for issue 10883 (All/SomeValuesFrom) correcting mapping for OWL Restriction constructors Word pdf
  • proposed resolution for issue 10896 (Behavioral Features) constraining the UML features characterized as being dynamic Word pdf
  • proposed resolution for issue 10903 (Symmetric) removing an incorrect mapping to Symmetric properties in OWL Word pdf

Poll 2 closed 30 April 2008

Poll 3

Closed : All resolutions accepted - Proposing resolutions related to the RDF and OWL Profile that address:

  • Issue 12386 by proposing min Multiplicity of 1 for uriRef Property on RDFSDatatype MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12387 by proposing simplified constraint text for RDFisDefinedBy MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12388 by proposing simplified constraint text for RDFSseeAlso MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12389 by proposing corrected text for mapping rdf:type to the relation between an instance specification and its classifier MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12391 by proposing the UML::AssociationClass as an additional base class for stereotype «OWLAnnotation» MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12392 by proposing movement of URIReferenceNode section to RDFStatments section MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12393 by proposing to remove incorrect String typing from the uriRef property in the URIReferenceNode section MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12395 by proposed change in text to clarify that both OWL and RDF properties denote sets MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12396 by proposing to fix specified base classes for owl:Property and owl:ObjectProperty to match owl:DatatypeProperty MSWord pdf
  • Issue 12397 by proposing to add a stereotype of «owlIndividual» to the OWL profile MSWord pdf

Poll 3 closed at 23:59 PT 19 May 2008

Poll 4

Vote completed: Resolution passed - Proposed resolution related to the RDF and OWL Profile that addresses:

  • Issue 12398 by proposing use of UML::Class to reify rdf:property and owl properties. pdf MSWord

Poll 4 closed at 23:59 PT 11 August 2008

Poll 5

Vote passed - Proposed resolution for RDF metamodel that addresses:

  • Issue 12793 regarding conflation of rdf:Statement and triple in the metamodel by proposing to separate Triple from Statement, and Named Graph from RDF Graph. The proposal is detailed in pdf MSWord .

Poll 5 closed at 16:00 EDT 25 August 2008

Poll 6

Vote passed - wrap up for remaining pending issues for ODM FTF2

  • Issues 10844: Figure D.3 notation and 10846: Annex D.4 sets - defer to RTF
  • Chapter 16 issues (non-normative chapter) 10849, 10850, 10853, 10863-10867, 10871-10877, 10879, 10884-10895, 10897-10902, 10904-10917 - defer to RTF
  • 11099: Constraints in the RDF Metamodel Chapter (10) should be specified in OCL - defer to RTF
  • 11100: Constraints in the OWL Metamodel Chapter (11) should be specified in OCL - defer to RTF
  • 11102: Mapping from Common Logic to OWL should be revised - defer to rtf
  • 11320: Thing in the Profile - defer to RTF
  • 11321: RDFSContainer-MembershipProperty - defer to rtf

pdf file enumerating issues deferred to RTF by Poll6

Poll 6 closed at 17:00 EDT 25 August 2008

Pages for ODM-FTF2

ODM Open Issues web page
ODM-FTF2 Work in Progress web page
ODM-FTF mail list archive

ODM FTF1 Archive

A page containing an archive of the work of the 1st ODM FTF

General FTF Resources

FTF Report Template
FTF/RTF Chair Tutorial
Template for OMG Specifications
OMG Policies and Procedures
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