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Provenance and Pedigree Working Group Wiki

Welcome to the Provenance and Pedigree Working Group Wiki.


  • RFP within a couple of meeting cycles
  • Domain model
  • Service Model

Minutes from Last Meeting


Agenda for next meeting

Coronado, CA, USA – 5-9 December, 2016

  • TBD

Mailing list

Send email to the mailing list via (OMG member representatives only). To join the mailing list, contact: Adopted specifications

Adopted SPecifications

All OMG's adopted specifications, including all those sponsored by the Provenance and Pedigree Working Group are available at: Provenance and Pedigree related specifications will be issued through other Task Forces.

Work in progress



John C. Butler, Auxilium Technology Group

Robert Lario, Visumpoint

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with this group, want more information or would like to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting and obtain temporary access to the group's mailing list, please contact one of our Account Representatives or contact one of the Chairs.

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